We support entrepreneurs and management teams in further developing their businesses.

We use capital, our network and active entrepreneurship to support the businesses we invest in to further grow and differentiate themselves.

We invest in SME companies with the following characteristics:

    • Revenue € 5-100 million
      Businesses with a stable character, (partly) recurring revenue, positive cashflow and good growth prospects, organically and possibly through add-on investments.
    • Theme Focus
      We invest in companies that are active in a select number of sectors. Companies with a stable basis (strong market positions, satisfied customers) and a good product and/or service.
    • Buy-outs and growth funding
      Flexible approach with a preference for buy-outs or growth capital, where a minority stake is optional. We can facilitate in pre-exits or succesion of entrepreneurs.
    • Dutch
      Head office in The Netherlands.


Schone Energie Groep

Schone Energie Groep is a one-stop shop for sustainable energy solutions focused at the business-to-business segment (B2B), including SME companies and property owners. Through its services and broad product range, the group aims to unburden its customers in the field of sustainability and to support them in the road towards the energy transition. In September 2022 Zonnegilde became part of the group. Zonnegilde is a Dutch service provider in the field of solar PV systems and energy storage systems.

Dutch IT Services Group

MG Partners acquired two Dutch IT businesses and combined them into Dutch IT Services Group, which is a platform for further add-ons. The strategy is to create a one-stop-shop IT services group aiming to better unburden clients in the Dutch SME segment, with growing IT services needs and increasing budgets to spend on IT Services.

Happy Horizon

Happy Horizon is a digital marketing agency specializing in online marketing, development and creativity employing hundreds of professionals. Happy Horizon is a full-service agency with offices and hubs throughout the Netherlands. The company is growing rapidly and has a broad and loyal customer base.